A figurehead of Alsatian folklore, the Association celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2012 unspoilt by false notes or creases (in the majestic ladies’ headdresses).

Its strength lies in its wide range of music and choreographies (more than 40 dances), a tradition that lives on with 60 musicians and dancers of all ages. The younger generations have also found their place, showing the same enthusiasm as  older members.

There are currently fifteen adult couples and seven child couples in the folk-dance group, all led by the warm and patient Margot VOGLER. She teaches steps with complex figures of former days to newcomers never hesitating to modernize and liven up old choreographies.

The most famous figure of Alsatian folklore : Arnedanz, or  » Round of the Harvesters « , usually rounds off the performances given by the group.


As  talented as his predecessor Pierre HOPPE, the young conductor Gregory SCHAEFFER has led the wind and percussion orchestra with its  24 keen musicians since 2009.

Keen and dynamic, he brilliantly conducts  a newer and younger group made up of 4 trombonists, 3  tubists, 6 barytonists , 3 clarinetists, 5 trumpeters, 2 horn players and 1 drummer.

Their elegant red woollen waistcoats with gold buttons, seem to echo the brass instruments and the colorful costumes of the dancers they accompany during their many performances.

Although the harmonic repertory is inspired by traditional airs from Bohemia-Moravia, the last three Christmas Concerts were far more jazzy, showing them to be capable of interpreting a very wide musical range in a great variety of styles but with the same technical expertise.

THE AMDFE plays an active part in an exceptional local heritage.

On stage as well as behind the scenes, everybody strives to keep up the Alsatian dialect, the customs, traditional costumes, songs and dances of the village of Engwiller.

The dancers and the musicians proudly bear the colors of regional folklore, whether dressed in peasant costume or in the traditional bold colored dress, as worn by the villagers at the beginning of the 20th century.

Since its first performance in Saint-Dié in 1924, the troop has had the opportunity to show its talent on both national stages (Vic-le-Comte-1975, Echauffour-1990, Roanne-1996, Mont-de-Marsan – 2011) and international stages (Maastrich – 1978, Hartberg – 1983, Berlin – 1992, Lüneburger Heide – 1995 and Greding – 2008).

In recent years, the folk group has had the opportunity to perform alongside the best groups of various nations, at folk festivals such as Scheessel ( 2003 and 2012), St Johann (1994, 2007 and 2012) and Schlitz ( 2013 )

When they’re not playing or dancing, the members of the Engwiller Folk Association, readily exchange instruments, costumes and sophisticated headgear for caps and aprons, so well that year after year, the AMDFE confirms its talents at organizing events.

It is also responsible for the choreographic and artistic design of themed folk evenings, the organization of inter-village festivities, the organization of an annual concert with star-guests from regional music or folk groups ( Wyn-Mugge, Roger Halm, Rhinwagges, etc.) or foreign groups (in particular the Austrian groups Blaskapelle Tidirium, Blaskapelle Tschecharanka, Innviertel Waldbeisser, Da Blechhauf’ n and Zillertaler Haderlumpen), the organization of the three-year festival of ‘folie’ of Engwiller, in 2002, 2005 and 2008, the collaboration with dialect-speaking stage artists (such as Serge Rieger, Robert-Franck Jacobi or Isaka) for concerts or creations.

Finally THE AMDFE never fails to show its committed involvement in village or local events such as the « Musikfescht » – the spring Music festival, the « Brejel » meal in January, a recent initiative honoring ancestral culinary and peasant traditions, formerly found in the countryside, which followed the killing of the pig.